Friday, April 3, 2009

How to get rid of your enemies and make more friends

I thought Allen Parker wrote a nice blog about loving our enemies.

Often, we get caught up in our zeal for the kingdom of God by condemning the world to hell. It's as if good news (gospel) cannot be told without speaking of hell. As if God cannot exist without the devil. Good news is just that, good news, fresh water to a thirsty soul. There is no such thing as too much grace. Jesus did not tell us to preach about hell, he told us to preach about the Kingdom of God, and by contrast, hell no longer looks so appealing.

I just read the book, "What Is So Amazing About Grace" by Phillip Yancey. There is so much grace that is needed in this world. So many people trying to live out their lives by working for the kingdom instead of living the kingdom of God right now in their lives. We do not need to be always searching for the kingdom "sometime in the future". We need to let the holy spirit live in us and bring us the kingdom of God in our lives and out to the lives around us, including our enemies.

We have no problem saying that our enemies live in the same country, state, city, town or block as we do. But we think they are not a part of God's kingdom. Just because they are our enemy does not mean they are not reconciled by God through Jesus Christ. They just don't know it yet.

How many people do we send to hell every day in our thoughts not realizing that they have been praying to the same God every day in tears about their personal problem we feel is hell worthy? Many people come "out of the closet" about their problem, and instead of showing them grace, we condemn them! They come out crying for help, we push them back in saying they are not worthy. We make enemies out of them instead of brothers. And that includes those that hate us simply because we are Christians!

As Allen Parker suggested, lets pray for our enemies. Even Abraham Lincoln had it right when we suggested we get rid of our enemies by making friends out of them.

Boyd "Live Nude and Prosper" Allen

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