Saturday, May 16, 2009

Swimming in Christ

Anyone here who has gone swimming with us, knows about our struggles with our 6yo daughter when it comes to pools. She stays by the steps and "swims". She refuses to come out even in water that goes up to her waste, let alone further.

Even our attempts to give her flotation devices, water wings, etc, does not give her security. I try to get her out by carrying her, holding her, embracing her, encouraging her, yet she screams and yells and carries on so much that I have no choice but to stop, fearing "child abuse" accusations.

And a large pool arena does not help, with all the echoing of her screams.

She wants her "secure" pool side steps. Then claims, "when you and mommy are not looking, I swim across the steps". Sorry kid, that does not count!

I told her, you need to learn to trust me to carry you.

Then an epiphany came to me.

Those steps are our church, our religion. We have more faith in that than in Christ.

Those steps cannot nor is willing to save her if she took a misstep (sin in life) and fell face first into the water. In fact, those same steps may crack her head open if she hits it hard enough.

Yet, I am willing to protect her and save her if necessary if she would just trust me. Especially since most of the time, being over 6' tall, I am standing on the floor of the pool anyway.

So seeing that, I see us struggling in church, by the pool side, sitting on the steps (pews) taking in what others are doing in freedom. We are much safer in Christs arms in the deep than we are sitting on the steps alone.

Christ is out there, swimming, enjoying life and inviting us all to join him. Some get out there Olympic style and swim and play volleyball and have a great time! Some are hanging on to a partner, others use flotation devices and others can swim to their hearts content, but all are out there, weak and strong.

But those who sit on the side will never enjoy the real Jesus and his enjoyment of life when we do not trust him outside of our church and reality.

Now that is not to say church is wrong, steps are necessary to get us into the pool if we cannot dive in. But staying in one place when the purpose is to "swim" in Christ, is our danger.