Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If at first you don't succeed, let Jesus do it!

I got this interactive analogy I like to use on people.

I pull out a set of keys or a quarter and lay it on my hand and then tell them to try to take it out of my hand.

They are expecting me to close my hand, so they quickly grab it. Since I did not close my hand, they easily got it, then I would say, “No, try to take it out of my hand”

So again, they would reach for it, and again, I don’t close my hand, and they easily take it out of my hand.

Again, I say “No, TRY to take it out of my hand”

By this time, they are confused. How can you try to take something out of someones hand when they don’t make it difficult? All they are doing is just taking it out of my hand, when I told them to TRY to take it out.

Naturally, they are confused because they expected a struggle and hardship, but realizing that it’s more difficult to try to do something that should come easily to you.

Like letting Jesus do the work and celebrate our existence in Jesus reality. We work too hard trying to "get saved" or saving others as if Jesus needed us to do it.

I think it takes more faith and more work just to trust Jesus to do it than it is for us to try hard. Maybe that is why so many work so hard for their salvation, they don't trust Jesus to take care of their salvation! They lack faith!

Do you really want more faith? Then quit trying so hard!

  • “Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try” ~Yoda


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Holy Spirit and the Brain

Pinky: “What are we going to do today Brain?”
Brain: “The same thing we do every day Pinky, try to take over the world!”
Warner Brothers “Pinky and the Brain”

What do the human brain and the holy spirit (sent from heaven) have in common?

  • We don’t use either one of them enough.
  • God isn’t sending any more.

My wife likes to use this phrase when confronted with human idiocy. “Why don’t they use the brains God gave geese?” As you know, sometimes geese don’t seem to have enough brains as it is. (She often uses “common sense” as well). Yet sometimes we go through life not even using that much. At best, geniuses use 9, maybe 10 percent at best. Wile Coyote, a Super Genius uses 10.5% So we get on our knees and ask God for more brains.

Lately, I have been confronted with the idea that there is a second phase to the holy spirit gifts. The holy ghost. That is supposed to be the second power or special gift God gives to those that are holier than others I think. An example I was given was the apostles asking the people who among them were filled with the holy spirit (holy ghost in the KJV) to be raised as deacons to serve the widows in the church. (Book of Acts)

Personally, I just think these people are picked out not because they were given a second gift or experienced a “holy ghost” thingy. I just simply think they are using the holy spirit in their lives, participating in the work God gave them to begin with. The people recognized their faith and life as being in line with God’s plan for them. The others are just receiving what they are serving already. Basically speaking, they were already doing the obvious work of deacons.

We sometimes find churches calling out for the holy spirit (holy ghost) to “come down” and expecting an “experience” of the holy ghost. As if, for some reason, the holy spirit was not at church at that moment! So far, I have not seen any examples of that happening except where the holy spirit was first sent to the disciples in the upper room where they waited as Christ asked them to. Then later in a gentile location, a church who have not heard of the holy spirit was given a sign of the power when given to the whole church at that location. Outside of that, nothing was “called down” nor was the holy spirit invoked. It just simply was given by God in a unique way.

We are given (not get) the holy spirit/ghost by God when Jesus ascended into heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father as promised. What are we expecting? An experience? He never promised that.

Jesus came to earth once. Jesus became human once. Jesus lived, suffered, died and was raised once. (He died once for ALL of humanity) Jesus ascended to heaven once. We are baptized once. And he sent the Holy Spirit once.

So what do we do now? Ask God to help us use what he has given already, to use the fruits of the holy spirit (see Gal. 5:22) in our lives now. Make ourselves open, vulnerable and naked before God to allow him to work with us where we are now. Faith is putting our trust (what little we have) in God to do what he wills in our lives. Let God open our brains (the other 90%) to recognize the holy spirit and all that it has at work in our lives already.

Pinky: "So how does one get more holy spirit?"
Brain: "The same way you get more brains Pinky, you use it!"!

“If you have the faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains” – Jesus