Thursday, June 5, 2014

It Was A Warning, Not A Threat

When we read the bible, we often have lenses that distort what we see.. Just like Adam did when he first took of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. His view of God changed, was distorted. It wasn't nudity he was afraid of, it was God. God did not change, God stayed the same. It was man who changed and when God came out to the garden, he was calm, normal, enjoying the cool of the day. It was man who saw God as an angry being out for revenge. You see, Adam thought God threatened him with death if he took of the forbidden fruit. No. God did not threaten man with death. He warned man that he would die.
Here is the difference: If I told you that if you played with snakes and it bit you, that you would die, is that a warning or a threat? It is a warning, out of love and concern.

God warned man that he would die. Don't think God was an angry being out for revenge to a rule that was broken. It was not a law, except a law much like gravity. Gravity is a law of nature and if you jump off a cliff, that law is fulfilled by you dying or getting seriously injured. The tree, which God said to not eat, was God's tree, not mans. It is incompatible to physical man. The only way that man can eat of that fruit is when his nature changes. That comes from the Tree of Life. If you eat of that tree (Jesus Christ), you will never die. Then eating of the Tree of Knowledge would not kill you because you have already eaten of the Tree of Life. Make sense? But man took of the wrong tree first. It was not just disobedience, it was out of necessity that man be warned of what can happen if he took of what is dangerous to him.
Oh...the clothing part? That was because man was so scared that he trusted the clothing and no longer trusted God. Do you trust God now? Or do you still need the clothing? God is waiting.  You can also eat of the Tree of Life now, and God will give you the tree of knowledge and you will live.