Monday, November 24, 2014

Stepping Out of The Box

Today's challenge for individuals and for small and large businesses and corporations, is to "Think Outside the Box".  Even if they did think outside, will they actually step outside the box as well? Thinking is one thing, doing is another.

As Christian Nudists, we do more than "Step out of the Box".

Today's Christians are getting bolder.  They are wearing "casual Friday" clothing to Church and actually stepping out of the Box of conventional church settings. That was shocking to the proponents of the three piece suit tradition. They are trying to break down the walls that Christianity (as a religious organization ) has created for itself.  And they are excited about that and we are excited for them.

Allen Parker speaking in church at White Tail Resort 
But a nudist will dare to take one more step. We step out of clothing into our version of Casual Friday and serve humanity with the gospel in the nude.  That's right. Totally naked, without clothing, as God made us and as we were born.  And most of the "Casual Friday" set is not quite ready for that yet.  It is unfortunate though that we still carry some of our "clothing" with us in our baggage.  Our church customs, limited beliefs, concern over things that a church has created, based on the idea that our bodies are sin and must be covered, are still haunting us and holding us back. Oh, we still believe we can go beyond some of those beliefs, long enough to be nude that is.  But when we change our beliefs about our bodies, shouldn't that also change our beliefs about our doctrines that have been created over the years based on a Clothed Mentality?  It is time we step out of more than just our clothes, we need to leave the box behind as well.  I'm not say we abandon all  Church teachings.  We are Christians and we are still teaching basics such as baptisms, repentance, Jesus Christ, the Trinity, Communion, all bibilcally based doctrines. But when a Church accuses us of "Sin" based on doctrines that do not exist in the bible, shouldn't we take another look at what they believe and why they believe this or that?  We are taking off more than our clothing, for we are not truly naked. We are wearing Christ, his righteousness and we are created in His image and likeness after all.  We can do more in Christ.  We have that advantage.  Step out of the Box, step out of our traditions, and

Let the Holy Spirit challenge you to do more.


  1. Therein lies the challenge, not only for Christian nudists, but for ALL Christians. Far too many Christians still believe that they can "help" get and keep themselves saved, as if the shed blood and finished work of Christ isn't "enough". We will never fully-comprehend God's amazing grace until we are willing to OWN our own spiritual-nakedness and bankruptcy, which ONLY God's grace can cover. Yes, we are covered by the righteousness of Christ, but we must come to the realization that our ONLY covering is Christ's righteousness.

    Own your nakedness and allow God's grace to flood over you. Only then will we be able to say "I am naked and unashamed in Christ", and truly mean it.

    I am naked and unashamed in Christ!