Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Hiding Behind Fig Leaves and Bushes

There is a segment of Christians that are freeing themselves and actually believing that nudity is OK by God.  They call themselves "Christian Nudists" or "Christian Naturists".  Funny I say this like it's something new.  This blog page is dedicated to this very subject!

But as freeing as we are, we are still hiding behind fig leaves and bushes.

When Adam and Eve first took of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, their eyes were opened and they saw that they were naked and sewed fig leaves together to wear over their bodies, or at least an apron around their waist.  When God came to walk in the garden in the cool of the day, God called out to them.   Adam replied by saying that they were afraid and hid because they were "naked".

Here are a couple of problems, first, Adam was already hiding behind fig leaves, so technically he was no longer "naked" as it were.  But he hid behind bushes in addition still believing he was naked.   Second, God asked him "Who told you that you were naked?" , which implies God did not tell them, nor did God seem to have a problem if they were naked.  So what is going on?  But that is another story I covered in previous blogs to certain degrees. Just scroll down history lane and read them.

Today, we not only understand this as Christian Naturists, but we also understand we are no longer under Adams spell or deception. We realize that God never had an issue with it, we have many historical articles via blogs, books, magazines and other resources we can fall back on (if man has to fall) to explain to others about what we are doing.  But we are still on the "milk of the word" rather than ready for the meat, the real stuff.  The stuff Christians are made of.  We are still hiding our life from those who are "weak in the faith" which pretty much means everyone from new believers (who are understandably weak) to the head pastor and above!  They expect us to be quiet about this in church because of the "weak in faith", which is a very sad commentary of your church and pastor!

But the irony is that we also hide our Christianity, or at least just don't talk about it, among our nudist friends who are OK with our nudity.

Either way, we are hiding behind fig leaves and bushes when we need to run and cry out "Abba! Father" and be FREE in Christ wherever we go!  We may not be able to be nude in the general (clothed) public, that is, in the world, but they are still living under the spell and deception of Adam and are still afraid and making nudity as a criminal act.  But I don't expect them to get it. But I certainly expect YOU and your CHURCH to get it!

We need to stop living and hiding behind fig leaves and bushes!  If it offends the Church and they ask you to leave, then you do not belong there! They are still living in the world and still "weak in faith" and "on the milk of the word" which is a comment on your pastor and leaders!  If they cannot stretch their spiritual dogma enough to see this, then maybe it's time we move on.  You cannot change them, and as long as we listen to them as our spiritual leader while they are hiding behind fig leaves and bushes blaming God, then we have a problem.  Yes, I wrote "blaming God" because that is exactly what Adam did!  He blamed God for all this.  "the woman that you created...."  We say he blamed Eve for the fruit incident, but he slapped God in the face while we was swinging his hand around to point to Eve as the problem.

We need to take responsibility for what we believe in. We need to rip off those fig leaves (metaphorically speaking here, though many of us would like to do more) and be more open about our beliefs and stand up both in Church and in our respective resorts.

And that includes me.